• Rep. James Comer (R-KY) revealed on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures" with host Maria Bartiromo that new steps have been taken in the investigation of Joe Biden's shady business dealings. More evidence has been found on Hunter Biden's laptop linking President Biden himself to very disturbing deals overseas, even linking Biden family members to large payments from unknown sources in China.
  • Comer says that new evidence shows Biden has been lying about his involvement with his son's business dealings: "So we know the president hasn't been truthful about his involvement when he was vice president. But from talking to former associates that were involved with Hunter Biden, what we know the Biden family had agreed to help China do was get their foot in the door."
  • Apparently, investigators found a "message that Hunter was very frustrated" with a business partner in China. Comer said Hunter "had done every blanking thing they had ever asked of him... and he reminded them that they had never done anything in return for him, and then a few weeks later, this $3 million wire appears in the Robinson Walker account, and the very next day they distributed money to Hunter Biden and then at least two other family members and possibly three family members."
  • Comer says that more bank records are about to be looked at. The worst is yet to come for the Biden administration and the White House: "I've got bad news for the White House: This is just the beginning. We're going to get a lot more bank records and they're going to have to continue to backpedal and come up with some type of reason why the Biden family has received millions and millions of dollars from our adversaries."
Watch his full appearance below:


Why This Matters:

  • We knew about Hunter Biden's business dealings before, after his infamous "Laptop From Hell" was discovered in a random computer repair shop with compromising data still on it. It's why big tech tried to cover up the story before the 2020 presidential election to protect Biden. However, the discovery of the recent banking transactions discovered by investigators link Joe Biden family to these business dealings more than anything other proof to date.
  • Before these banking transactions were discovered, Hunter Biden's correspondence with a partner mentioned an unnamed "Big guy" who many have speculated may have been referring to his father.
  • This revelation comes just weeks after a Chinese spy balloon flew over the United States under President Joe Biden's watch.
  • Biden has also been conveniently allowing "hidden delays" in his plans to "ban" the global app, TikTok, which is directly controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 
  • One has to wonder how influenced Biden was by Chinese money to look the other way while his family was getting rich with overseas money. These types of transactions are not only highly irregular, but they should be highly illegal as well.