• The United States government has quietly extorted large U.S. companies in an attempt to censor Americans they don't like, according to a recent lawsuit. Feds are allegedly using the illegal tactic of threatening social media companies by saying they'll withdraw their "hidden subsidy" with billions of dollars unless these companies go along with their official narrative and censor critics the government doesn't like.
  • Documents filed in a recent lawsuit against the Biden administration reveal that congressional Democrats along with White House officials secretly threatened special media platforms into censoring inconvenient narratives about COVID-19, elections, and Hunter Biden by threatening to withdraw "a hidden subsidy worth billions of dollars."
  • The lawsuit being filed against the Biden administration claims that these tactics were in total violation of the First Amendment and Administrative Procedure Act. Government officials linked to these crimes are connected from everything to the FBI and Departments of Health and Human Services to Homeland Security and State!
  • The Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general joined by censored doctors are behind the lawsuit and allege that they have internal communication proving an illegal conspiracy to silence critics.

Why This Matters

  • Big tech has spent years shirking away from the responsibility of protecting the First Amendment by claiming they don't have to because they're detached from government control. But if the allegations contained in this lawsuit are true, it means that the government has been pulling the strings of social conversation all along.
  • We saw a sitting president of the United States (Donald Trump) banned from social media in 2021. The very idea that those censorship efforts may have been driven in part by fear of extortion from officials deep in our own government is a threat to our Democracy that must be investigated if we America wants to keep its elections fair and free.