• Iran is threatening to assassinate 45th President Donald Trump as punishment for a military airstrike he ordered on their military leader Qassem Soleimani on January 3rd, 2020.
  • General Soleimani was meeting with known terrorist enemies of the United States in Baghdad, Iraq for unknown reasons at the time President Trump decided to neutralize him as a threat.
  • Days after Trump’s airstrike in 2020, Iran launched a series of ballistic missile attacks on American bases in Iraq in retaliation. But it now appears as if they now want to hurt Donald Trump personally for his military decision.
  • Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard even released a special statement, writing that they will have "revenge against the perpetrators and killers of the martyr Soleimeni as soon as possible is a definite and inviolable manner."
  • At least 93 other American figures have also been named in a list by Iran for punishment relating to the military strike.
Why This Matters
  • The latest threats by Iran’s government come on top of years of mounting tensions between their government and ours. It’s especially disturbing considering Joe Biden’s weaker positions on issues relating to foreign policy.
  • This war of words comes as Iran's gunboats have been spotted harassing U.S. ships and firing off “warning shots” in international waters in numerous reported instances.
  • Just last week we learned that the Pentagon under the Biden administration has been quietly working with Israel to develop a contingency plan for if war breaks out with Iran.