• Biden's failed economic policies are leading Americans to go hungry due to out-of-control price increases on groceries. A new Urban Institute study found that nearly a quarter of Americans aren't getting enough food to eat.
  • Biden took office in 2021, with only 20% of Americans not being able to afford enough food. By the end of 2022, a whopping 24.6% of Americans couldn't afford food. That's a 23% increase in U.S. hunger rates in a single year.
  • The worst part? 63.2 of those asked revealed that grocery prices increased "a lot" in the last year.
  • Racial minorities like Hispanic and black adults are being hit hardest from Biden's failed economic policies.
  • The study has released the following findings: “Because of recent price increases, 62.0 percent of adults whose grocery costs increased a lot reported either reducing the amount of food they bought or not buying the kinds of foods they wanted, 43.3 percent withdrew money from savings, and 36.3 percent increased credit card debt. About 16.5 percent received charitable food.”

Why This Matters:

  • Americans are worse off under Biden's economy. A whopping 41 percent of American families say their financial position has worsened since Biden assumed office.
  • The White House continues to look the other way, even going so far as to release a "fact sheet" declaring that "The Biden Economic Plan Is Working."
  • One has to wonder how these findings could impact Joe Biden's 2024 presidential campaign, as Americans slowly go hungry from policies that Biden is declaring a success.