• Nevada's Attorney General Aaron Ford is now publicly condemning the very same "woke" policies that he helped implement. After fighting to make it harder to jail thieves, he's now admitting that these policies are not working.
  • In 2019, the registered Democrat Aaron Ford testified in support of a law that prevented prosecutors from going after criminals.
  • Now, on March 2nd, Ford presented a bill that would allow his office to “investigate and prosecute organized retail theft crimes,” this time saying that the bill is “necessary” given the skyrocketing crime in his state.
  • Crime has consistently increased in Nevada. There was a 15% increase in property crimes and 39% increase in drug-store thefts on the Las Vegas Strip alone since these "woke" policies went into effect.

Why This Matters:

  • "Woke" agendas pushed by progressive DAs have proven to be a failed experiment. Not just because they're partisan liberals! The research shows that district attorneys who were funded by billionaire George Soros have been a disaster for crime rates. Going soft on crime doesn't work. Period.
  • This latest confession by AG Ford shows that the prosecution system in America should not be handicapped against criminals. Especially not intentionally. A tough-on-crime approach is the right approach. The fact that this even needs to be said should be a concerning fact to us all.