• Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg (commonly referred to as “Mayor Pete”) is finally facing public pushback. A majority of polled U.S. voters now want Buttigieg to resign over his handling of the recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio.
  • A freight train filled with toxic chemicals crashed on February 3rd, leading to a giant “toxic cloud” appearing in the sky over the city. Despite being America’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg took personal time during the tragedy, refusing to show up in person until one day after Donald Trump did on February 23. 
  • “Mayor Pete” even publicly lashed out at a reporter for suggesting that he should visit the scene, saying “I’m taking some personal time” and that he would talk to the media “when I’m ready.” Buttigieg showed up to the scene the next day.
  • The delay of nearly 20 days is apparently having its political toll on Buttigieg. Rasmussen Reports has found that out of 950 likely U.S. voters, 51% all said that “Mayor Pete” should resign for not handling the crash correctly.

Why This Matters

  • This isn’t the first time that Pete Buttigieg has abandoned his job during a time of crisis. During the supply chain crisis under COVID-19, Buttigieg ignored a growing baby food shortage, even going so far as to call it a “lie”.
  • While Pete Buttigieg likes to blame “paternity leave” for not doing his job, one has to wonder when his personal time will ever come to an end so that he can start focusing on the American people instead of himself. He’s been making excuses for himself for nearly 2 years now. If he won’t take responsibility for his actions, the American people likely won’t tolerate it for much longer.