• Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot already lost face after she lost her reelection bid in the primary. But during a rowdy city council meeting, critics told her that she should leave town early, describing how devastating her administration was for the local community and small businesses.
  • Journalist William Kelly showed up to the city council meeting, using the opportunity to vocally attack Lightfoot for closing down businesses and destroying lives during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns that she ordered: "You shut down our schools, you shut down the churches, you shut down the businesses.” 
  • Kelly said that Lightfood's legacy has been sealed as a failed leader: “Shame on you. That is a legacy that you are going to have to carry." Kelly told Lightfoot to “get the hell out of my city.”
  • At the end of her rant, Lightfoot’s response is not heard in the footage, where Kelly adds, “you are a pandemic” before he stormed off in disgust.
Watch below:


Why It Matters:

  • Mayor Lightfoot used her position in power to shut down Chicago for two long years. There's no telling the economic and developmental impact it had on families and children alike. The worst part is that Lightfoot had anniversaries gushing over her lockdowns that kept businesses shuttered.
  • But COVID-19 wasn't the only issue Mayor Lightfoot had in her administration. Dozens of murders were a weekly occurrence in her city, with crime spiraling out of control.
  • Lightfoot tried to run a strong reelection campaign, but ended up not even managing to win a fifth of the vote.