• The FBI’s use of the term “terrorist” has come under scrutiny yet again, with some arguing that the federal agency is deliberately targeting law-abiding U.S. citizens. One Special Forces veteran who was reportedly labeled a domestic terrorist by the FBI told Fox News that he and his family were targeted unfairly.
  • Former U.S. Green Beret servicemember Mike Glover served his country for nearly two decades as a soldier. Now he says he feels betrayed by his country after a single anonymous whistleblower complaint led to Glover and his business being targeted as a facilitator of domestic terror.
  • Glover explained on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that his very own mother had her Facebook account suddenly deleted after the FBI privately told the social media company to shut her down. Glover’s mother was an immigrant from Korea and a small business owner, who is fighting to this very day to keep her business alive after the federal government’s interference in the day-to-day of her private life.
  • Glover explained on Fox News: “I’m an entrepreneur first. That is what I wanted to do after a long time of service, and it just sucks being targeted by a country. My mom was targeted. My mom’s Facebook account was deleted because the FBI communicated to social media and destroyed all the social media accounts. My mom came here from Korea from meeting my military dad in the Army, and we are dealing with this. She is dealing with this. Her small beauty salon…is dealing with this."
  • Rep. Jim Jordan has been actively exposing this awful situation and even released a letter to the public in September confirming that Glover was, in fact, targeted baselessly by the federal government.


Why It Matters:

  • This isn’t the first time the FBI has characterized law-abiding Americans as “terrorist” threats.
  • During the COVID-19 lockdowns, the FBI allegedly used anti-terrorist fighting tools online to silence and censor outspoken parents who got too involved in the teaching of their children in public schools.
  • Federal authorities show no remorse for their actions. In fact, Joe Biden’s very own Attorney General Merrick Garland has even defended weaponizing the government against outspoken parents nationwide. Unless something changes fast, this could be the new normal facing our nation.