• According to Western Journal, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's comments about Joe Biden's age have gotten her into trouble with critics on Twitter. Pelosi tried to defend Biden's increasing feebleness by saying that it should be tolerated because she's even older than he is. Critics were quick to point out that Pelosi probably shouldn't be in office either. Some even say that she's trying to distract from Biden's obviously feeble condition.
  • During a recent interview with The Atlantic, Pelosi took questions from journalist Evan Smith to discuss her thoughts about the possibility of Joe Biden running again in 2024 for president.
  • Pelosi made excuses for Biden, saying: “He is absolutely a magnificent leader. He is younger than I am . . . so I don’t know what the problem is.” The audience exploded into laughter. You can watch their reaction here.
  • It's important to note that Pelosi is 82 and Biden is 80.
  • On Twitter, critics were quick to point out that Pelosi is trying to hide Biden's true health condition: "They keep defending Biden's calendar age, as if that's the issue, and not his obvious infirmity."

Why This Matters:

  • Biden's health condition keeps coming up as an important issue among voters. Recent polls show that a whopping majority of Americans are concerned about Biden's health.
  • One poll by Rasmussen Reports has found that 38% of Americans even believe that Joe Biden may have dementia.
  • Biden's health is likely going to play a huge role as we head into the 2024 election. Only time will tell if this could be the major issue that could stop Democrats from maintaining control of the White House.